Methamphetamine Testing 

From $200 plus GST

The presence of methamphetamine is a harmful drug with long-term effects on human health.  It is recommended that all properties be tested prior to purchase and each rental agreement.  

  • Peace of Mind

It is common for properties to be reported contaminated with meth-related products or smoking. In order to protect the health of the residents, it is also evidence for conviction. If you are unsure of any past methamphetamine activity by the seller or the tenants, you should get a Methamphetamine Testing right away to keep the occupants at your property healthy and safe. Do not let this issue make your property difficult to sell.

  • 5 Days Turnaround

Our standard turnaround time for Methamphetamine Testing reports is 5 days of the inspection. Samples are sent to the laboratory for testing on the same day of assessment.

  • Insurance – Clients’ Protection

All works come with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to provide our clients with additional protection.