Verbal Building Inspection

From $260 plus GST

If you find yourself short on time, due to but not limited to auction, mortgage, etc., we can organise an on-site meeting or discuss the details over the phone.  

  • Instant Results

Quality House Inspections will walk you through the property and advise you on any necessary repairs directly on site.  Verbal reports are based on site conditions and the honest opinion of our experienced inspectors. A verbal inspection report does not include any paperwork and it is a convenient and cost-effective solution. 

  • Estimated Costs for Remedial Works

The inspector will also be able to give you a rough quote on how much it might cost you to repair and maintain the property.

  • BOINZ Accredited Inspection

Quality House Inspections has built a proven inspection methodology over time, which is carried out by a BOINZ (Building Officials Institute of New Zealand) Licensed & Accredited Building Surveyor.